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Travel Vaccine
  • What Vaccines do I need?

    Travel vaccine requirements will vary depending on several factors including previous vaccination history, destination, planned activities etc. so it is important to attend our doctors for a comprehensive assessment of your travel needs. When booking your appointment please inform reception staff that you would like to be seen in the travel medicine clinic

    Commonly needed vaccines for travel to certain parts of Asia, Africa and America include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus and Diphtheria. We also provide Yellow Fever.

    Hepatitis B vaccines are advised for travellers staying away for a month or more in some areas. Rabies vaccines may be required if you will be staying or trekking in remote or jungle areas in some countries, or working with animals.

    Depending on the Travel Alerts in operation at the time of your travel and on the countries you intend to visit, other vaccines may be required. Our Travel Clinic doctors will advise you of the recommended vaccines and medicines needed after discussing your travel plans.

  • When should I book my appointment?

    There is no harm in having your vaccines well in advance as vaccination provides years of immunity, but it could cost you dearly healthwise to not leave enough time to get covered.

    For most short-stay trips with uncomplicated itineraries (e.g. 2 weeks in one country), ensuring you have your vaccines at least 2 weeks before travel may be sufficient.

    However, long stays and trips where you visit a few countries - particularly higher-risk countries - are likely to require courses of vaccines over a couple of months so it is best to book your travel consultation a few months in advance if unsure.

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